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Chillest Billboard Hot 100 Covers

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I can't help it that I am writing so many posts about songs. I like what I like, and per usual today I am feelin the music.

I love doing these lists because all of the songs tie together into one purpose. Today my list is going to consist of ten covers of current songs on the Billboard Hot 100. I'm gonna subdivide that and state that I am sticking to more laid back, relaxing covers. These are songs that you can listen to for studying, getting ready early in the morning, going to bed at night, or to just sit in front of a fireplace with a glass of wine because we all like to keep it classy. 

1. Burn (Ellie Goulding) - Kina Grannis

One of the first posts I did was about a song featuring Kina Grannis. I still have nothing but good things to say. Even in this video with no professional producing, she sounds amazing. Burn is a song that I think is versatile for performing. It sounds amazing in its natural state but it also sounds great slowed down, sped up, and readjusted by covers just like Kina's. The two girls in the background are Kina's sisters who seem to sound just as amazing as she is. Musical genes I guess, it's a beautiful thing. 

2. I See Fire - Ed Sheeran

Since this is my blog I can do whatever I want. This song isn't in the Billboard Top 100, and it's not a cover but I just wanted it to be heard. Skip to around :40 of you don't want to watch all of the junk before he gets into the song. To me Ed Sheeran looks like a mixture between Prince Harry, Ron Weasley, and a frog, but I'm still amazed by his voice. Not that appearance has anything to do with voices but from first look I would not expect him to have the voice that he does. I guess this song was written for The Hobbit which I have yet to see, but it is like eating cheese at a vineyard. It just feels right.

3. Drunk In Love (Beyonce) - Hope Murphy

If I was a musician, I would be way too intimidated to cover a Beyonce song. She's the only Queen Bee, but whoever this girl is kind of does her justice. Although I'm going blind by staring at all of the red she's sporting, focusing on the music alone she has a powerful voice. Surfboard.

4. All of Me (John Legend) - Michael Minelli

John Legend's music makes me feel like butter melting on a warm biscuit. Recently I've discovered the somewhat stalker obsession that I have with him. His music has been on my iTunes for years, but after releasing All of Me, I realized that my purpose in life is to marry him and cement his butt to a piano bench so he can sing to me every second of every day. This cover is the first that I've ever heard of Michael Minelli, and I'm not disappointed. He reminds me of a living Chia Pet, but the boys got pipes. 

5. Dark Horse (Katy Perry) - Maddi Jane 

This song and cover video is just like the name states... "dark". It's an enjoyable type of dark though. In a Katy Perry sense, it isn't running along the line of the bubble gum pop that people are used to hearing from her which is an intriguing curveball. I must have done something wrong with my life because this girl looks like she could be fresh out of middle school and she has some kind of unnatural talent. 13 legitimately is the new 30, I can't even handle it. Soon newborns are going to be popping out of the womb with singing voices capable of trilling and falsetto. 

6.Timber ( Pitbull ft. Ke$ha) - HelenaMarie

Timber isn't a song I would really think would transition well to an acoustic version. But I think for studying or doing work, this cover would suit me just fine. I'm not obsessed with it, but I aint' hatin either.

7. Say Something ( A Great Big World) - Cilla & Howard Chan

I'm assuming if both of these people have the last name Chan that they're related. Not necessarily appropriate for singing this song together, but I guess they did it for the love of the music. Or because they have a creepy inner family relationship and are a little bit too close.The emotion in this cover is absolutely undeniable. But since I'm immature and have to take everything to the next level here's a suggestion. Watch the video until about 2/3 of the way and then keep it going but completely mute the sound. It looks like the two of them are in agony with nauseating gas. 

8. Let Her Go (Passenger) - Jacob Whitesides

Who is this kid? And why is he such a nugget? This cover is so basic but so amazing. I had to watch a lot of videos to find this one, and it was worth every single second. If he didn't look like he was in high school I would go straight to Google and people search the heck out of his name, until I had an address and phone number.

9. Wake Me Up (Avicii) - Madilyn Bailey

Ohhhhhh, girl. Whatever it is you're doing here…keep doing it please. This cover. Makes me. Write ridiculously short sentences. Because I don't have much to say. Except...holy baby beluga whale. 

10. Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus) - James Arthur

James Arthur was some dude that won the X factor. I don't follow any shows like that, but from this cover I could see why he did so well. I like the sound of a male voice with the song, specifically his because he has more of an R&B type of tone. This song has been out for a while, and is starting to fade but hopefully everyone can still find the pleasure in Arthur's angelic cover.

Thanks for reading everyone. Keep it real. I hope these songs can help through all nighters of cramming for the biology test that you know you're going to probably fail anyways. But at least you were listening to good music while trying.
Posted By: Julie Goetz

Chillest Billboard Hot 100 Covers


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