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Ten Dynamite Throwbacks, with a Twist of Girl Power: January 2014

After posting songs from my most current workout playlist I was inspired and immediately wanted make another one. I wanted to change it up from only workout songs, but I didn’t know what type of songs I should put together. After about 45 seconds of brainstorming the answer was obvious.

My go to jams from the early 2000’s. Not just any jams…songs specifically by women.

Where are all my sisters? If you’re still with me, put your hands up and lets celebrate. I know that you enjoy these songs as much as I do…if you don’t I recommend that you schedule an appointment with the nearest wall and make repeated contact with your head. Each song is like a different nut that created the musical trail mix of my young life. They’re all priceless in their own way.

I’m going to make a suggestion. If you don’t have these songs on your iPod, please download them immediately. Once you’ve completed that step call all of your girlfriends. Get together on a Friday night, drink borderline binge amounts of wine, and put this playlist on. It will result in you and your friends looking like disheveled farm animals, but in the most magical way possible. Guys are always welcome to join the party of course, but would probably rather sit underneath a pile of bricks.

I'm going to be posting a lot of playlists, and I promise to do ten throwbacks monthly from here on out! Lets cut the small talk and dive right in.

1. AM to PM- Christina Milan
I could care less what happened to Christina Milan after all of those cheerleading movies because I will forever have this song. Usually I start partying in the pm rather than the am, but girl, you do you. Something hilarious about this song is that Milan was actually 19 when it was released, so I'm not quite sure what bars she was going to all day and night. Maybe she was getting out of hand at some raging 18 & Up clubs.

2. Breathe- Michelle Branch
This is a put on a polka dot dress, get in a vintage car, roll the windows, and scream sing kind of song. I don't even own a polka dot dress, but if I did I would totally wear it just to listen to this song. I don't own a vintage car either, but I can turn my 2001 Mercury Sable into any car I want when I dream.

3. Fergalicious- Fergie
I think fergalicious is supposed to be an adjective. According to Fergie the definition of fergalicious is "make them boys go loco". So does that mean football is fergalicious? Is beer fergalicious? I don't think it'll be added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary any time soon but I still dig it.

4. Bootylicious- Destiny's Child
No words can be written. Bootylicious>Fergalicious. I wish it was my destiny to be Beyonce's child.

5. I'm With You- Avril Lavigne
I'm pretty sure throughout middle school I had somewhere between 7-10 boyfriends. This song probably helped me cope with every single life altering break-up. The lyric "I don't know who you are, but I, I'm with you" hits pretty close to home. Mostly because I really didn't know most of my boyfriends other than 3rd period English and the daily ritual of walking out to the buses together holding each others clammy little hands.

6. Do It To It- Cherish
This girl group was like the generic version of Destiny's Child. They went as fast as their 15 minutes of fame came, but I still respect them for this jam. As I sit behind my computer trying to describe this song in more detail the only word I can think of is bouncy. Maybe it's because they say "bounce with it" in the song, but the song in general is just bouncy.

7. Goodies- Ciara ft. Petey Pablo
There's no doubt that this song was a banger to dance to back in the day. Except I can't help but have flashbacks to middle school dances when listening to it. All I can remember is girls cry babying all over the cafeteria floor and innocent little me doing fast-paced box steps around their vibrating bodies like they were land mines (if you don't know what cry babying is Google it).

8. Who Says- Hannah Montana
Ohhhh, Miley. I support you now and I supported you then. This song was an anthem that could uplift and inspire any little girl to want to just go into Limited Too and buy every trendy angel top. I'm realizing that store is now called Justice which only proves my age. Ew. The message behind this is that you can do anything you want to do. Apparently in Miley's case it was to become Superman…which is very achievable these days with all of the recent breakthroughs in hormone therapy.

9. Cinderella- The Cheetah Girls
While we're on the Disney swing lets not forget this classic. The Cheetah Girls were the perfect combination of girls that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. If I had to choose one person to have a ridiculously intricate handshake with it would be the white girl from the Cheetah girls. She had a lot to keep up with, and held her own. I could have never body rolled and wiggled around like the other three, but she did it with style. The soundtrack to this entire movie was absolute gold. Actually, it did go double platinum so that is an understatement.

10. Hanging On- Cheyenne Kimball
I absolutely idolized this girl in middle school. Even though she's only two years older than me, she seemed so much older. It's probably because I was still dressing in Aeropostale monkey shirts that said Spring Break, Mudd jeans, and had a hefty rack of metal in my mouth. I used to put this song on and pretend I was her while playing my guitar. I guess nothing has changed much because I still do that…but currently I stick to Beyonce. That's because I am secretly Sasha Fierce. Cheyenne was a singer in the band Gloriana for a few years when she got older, but left the band in 2011.

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Ten Dynamite Throwbacks, with a Twist of Girl Power: January 2014


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