Wednesday, March 5, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

I have yet to do a sentimental post, but I think that the time has come. Tomorrow I am going home for spring break. While a lot of college-aged kids are excited to go on vacation in places like Cancun, I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be than home. With my family, my bed, my shower, and last but definitely not least my moms bangin home cooking. 

For those of you who don't know me, I haven't been home very much in the past year. After being away for the spring semester, summer held no downtime for me. I hopped on a plane to spend just shy of 11 weeks in California working at a summer camp. Ever since the only solid time I've had at my house was a month over winter break.  

I know that it's cliche to say there's no place like home. But I have found this to be true in every which way. Don't get me wrong, I love going away to school. I'm happy where I am. Being so far away for so long has made me a more appreciative and humble person. It has taught me a lot of things that I would love nothing more than to share with you.

I've been blessed to have a family that loves to the moon and back. To try and convey my love for them in words would be a waste of time, because no word in the dictionary can describe that feeling. I know how cheesy that is, but family is the one thing I will never be ashamed to be a complete sap about. They are what makes home, home.

Since I'll be graduating in May, I am at such a transitional phase in my life. In the next five years I don't know what I'll be doing, where I'll be living, how I'm going to pay my student loans…any and everything is completely unknown. I could be in Buffalo right at home, or I could be thousands of miles away. That is why I keep all of the following things in mind. 

So please, take my advice and embed it into that brain of yours. Here are some things you can do that are bound to enhance the quality of your family life, because I know that they have made mine amazing.

1. Stop arguing like you're in high school. Yes, fights are bound to happen sometimes. Being in that close of quarters with people you've known since birth brings annoyances to everyone involved. But save the arguments for the big issues rather than the petty ones. 

2. Un-immediate family members love seeing you too. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. They all love you and deserve quality time. Don't blow it off. 

3. Be kind for the right reasons. Don't be nice to your parents because you want or need something. Do it because that is how they should be treated.

4. Get to know your parents more personally every single day. As hard as it is to believe, your parents were young once. They've had life experiences and stories that I'm sure you've never heard before. So why don't you ask them? You will come to find that they're much more interesting than you thought.

5. Find a balance between family and friends on the weekends. There is more to life than going out and pounding drinks every Friday and Saturday night.

6. Be content just being. Let me explain. One of my favorite things about home is Sunday mornings. Usually when I wake up my parents are sitting on the couch reading the paper. I turn on the TV and watch. We eat breakfast together. We could be completely silent, but it is times like those that I am the most content. Just enjoying each others presence. Irrelevant moments like that give life meaning.

7. Always say goodnight. My entire life I have kissed my parents and told them I love them before going up to bed. Maybe you're not that affectionate, so then opt for a hug. End the day with an expression of love. It really isn't that hard.

8. Learn from your siblings. Every one of your them has some type of talent. Recognize it. My brother is an amazing cook, athlete, and professional. At 26 his success is admirable. He has a great job and a beautiful house with his fiancĂ©. The career advice I look to him for is priceless. My sister has art skills that anyone would envy. She wants to be a graphic designer and can create logos and posters that are absolutely amazing. She has perfected some ridiculous dance moves, and is still trying to help me perfect the body roll. I don't know where it came from but she is a natural at riding horses, even without the help of lifelong lessons. They're both entertaining to watch grow and prosper.

9. Be spontaneous. Treat your family like you would a boyfriend or girlfriend. Buy them flowers, get them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, take them to see a movie they've been talking about. Bringing them happiness will bring you happiness. I say that with absolute certainty. 

10. Tell them that you love them. And then tell them ten more times.

11. Treat every day like a holiday. You know how Christmas is a day for family? Everyone is happy and the day is spent basking in each others company? Keep that state of mind. All the time.

12. Don't take all of the credit for everything. Yes, we are all individuals and develop our own personalities. But many of your accomplishments would have never been completed or fulfilling without the support of your family. Give them credit where it's due.

13. Tell them everything first. Good news, bad news, the highs and the lows. They deserve it. 

14. Lend a helping hand. Ask them what they need, and what you can do for them. Make their life easier instead of fostering your lazy and selfish ways.

In one day I will be sitting at home channeling all of the advice that I just gave you. I know I sound dramatically enthusiastic, but family is the backbone of existing. Sure, maybe some families are untraditional. The word may have a different definition to you then it does to me, and that is completely okay. But I will leave you with this. Never stop loving whoever you consider to be a part of your family. Life is too short to waste one second, so surround yourself with those that make you happy. 

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There's No Place Like Home


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  1. this was so nice to read! I haven't been home in AGES, but I always try to talk to my mom at least a few times a week! I think we forget how truly important our family is, and you never really realize how much you miss them until you get back home after being away for a long time. So jealous you get to go home!
    xoxo, Amanda

  2. Thank You! From what I've read in your blog, you're also a student away at school. It's so easy to get caught up in life, and it's so nice to go back to where you came from. I hope you get to go home soon…just to hug your parents/siblings (if you have any haha!)


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