Monday, January 6, 2014

The Keeper is a Keeper

Before doing anything else you have to listen to this song. If you want the full experience, I'd say to plug in your headphones and go lay on something soft with your eyes closed before clicking play. Or if you live somewhere warm go lye in a grass field, or sit on wooden swing and listen to this from your cell phone.

Okay, so assuming that you've given this a listen lets continue. Who are these people singing? The girl playing the guitar is +Kina Grannis and the one on the piano is +MarieDigby . Clearly they're both musicians, and I'm a little bit too excited about this collaboration.

I’ve been following Kina Grannis since she started her YouTube channel six years ago. In 2010 she won a contest called Crash The Superbowl. It was basically a contest where the finalists had their 60 second music video aired during the Superbowl and then the viewers voted on which they liked the best. Kina won, which scored her a record deal with Interscope records (she is currently signed with One Haven). Her music has transformed immensely since then. Her songs were strong to begin with, and they just keep getting better.

To be honest, I know way less about Marie Digby. I remember she had a viral video that was a cover of Rihanna's "Umbrella". After looking her up I found out that she also won a contest. In 2004 she won a contest by Pantene and received $5,000 along with a producer to work on an album.

I think the reason that I appreciate them both has to do with my personal love for the guitar. The fact that  their YouTube stardom and fan base came from posting videos of them singing and playing their instruments raw is something that I respect. You can tell that they not only have a passion for their talent, but their damn good at it. 

The song above is called "The Keeper". Doesn't it make you want to somersault around a pit of cotton balls and drink honey based beverages? This whimsical track is minimally produced and all in all just a beautiful piece of music. It reminds me of something you would hear in a Hunger Games-esque movie. 

It is not only calming musically, but when you take a further listen the lyrics are equally soothing. Of course lyrics are always open for interpretation, but I'm pretty sure that this song is about guiding someone during a difficult journey, and holding their hand along the way. Making sure that they don't fall off track and fade into failure. Ugh, I just love it (insert classic crying emoji). 

I am all for duets, but I think that they are either a success or failure. It is all a matter of finding two voices that compliment each other rather than clash. It may be cliche but I think Kina and Marie's voices go together like peanut butter and jelly. I don't have one bad thing to say about this song...NOT ONE OKAY. Take it or leave it but this one is going on Julie's bedtime playlist.

If you want to see Kina Grannis' musical transformation you can visit her YouTube channel here:

For more Marie Digby just click here:

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The Keeper is a Keeper


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