Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ellen & Elias: A Match Made in Heaven

I enjoy funny people. I think I might even appreciate them more because they can make light of situations that are not necessarily ideal. Plus, they're sharp as tacks (or the extreme opposite) because of their quick-witted responses to normal statements.

Want to know what I enjoy even more? When funny people think that something is hilarious. It's super rare that comedic people crack up, because they're so good at maintaining their expressions. 

I would scream on top of the tallest mountain that I have a humongous girl crush on Ellen Degeneres. If anyone would turn me, it would be her. It's significantly harder to make quality comedy without swearing, and she has perfected the art. Her content is clean and voluminous. Not to mention she is absolutely radiant. With blue eyes like aquatic marbles I just want to lock into her arms and hug her until I die. Her look may not be what is considered average for a 55-year-old female talk-show host, and she rocks it. It makes me happy that her success challenges the profiling and stereotypes that society has set in modern culture. Of course, things have significantly changed in the past decade and I am so confident in where we are headed. 

In this clip from the Ellen show, we meet a little boy named Elias Phoenix. Although some of you may confuse his gender because of his Goldilocks hair , I can assure you that he is a male. Elias is a piano prodigy in every sort of the word. The kid is a mastermind behind the keys of the instrument, tapping classical ballads like it's a typewriter. He's only seven, and the future is holding something bright for him. To see a video of Elias playing at Carnegie Hall, click here

I don't know what kind of liquid speed his mother spiked his PediaSure with that morning, and I'd like to know what isle of the underground supermarket it is located in. He exudes more energy than a dog in a bone store. It is gut-wrenchingly hilarious watching him repeatedly hug Ellen and shower her in compliments. It is even funnier to watch how much of a kick she's getting out of it. At one point, when he is walking over to the piano you can hear her chuckling harder than I've seen her in a long time on the show. 

I hope that this kid becomes famous from this appearance. With a personality like that at his young age, he would blossom in any part of show business. Even with his confounding hair. 

I first saw this story on BuzzFeed. If you'd like to see their article you can find it here:

Here is the video:


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Ellen & Elias: A Match Made in Heaven


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