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Typical Behavior Of Dog Lovers Who Don't Have A Dog

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Boy dogs. Girl dogs. Puppies. Spotted Dogs. Hairy Dogs. Wiener dogs. Loud dogs. Quiet get the point. I love them all.

The only thing I have wanted for years and years is a dog. Thankfully, I did have a dog for a few years, but he died when I was in 7th grade. Although I am so happy to have had him, I feel like it is a double- edged sword. Since I know what having one is like, I long for another even more. One that I love more than anything in the world, and that loves me back just the same.

 Whoever came up with the term man's best friend couldn't have hit the nail more on the head. They are excited to see you when they come home. They never judge you. They love you unconditionally, because you are all they have. Clearly we do not speak the same language as our pets. But that fact that people and their pooches have a mutual understanding of each others emotions makes me want to crumble and die from a cuteness overload. 

I know numerous people that feel the exact same way. For those of you that are with me, we will make it through this. I feel for you, and I promise it will be well worth the wait. I know how you feel and I know exactly how you act.

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At parties when a dog is present, they are the only thing that matters. You sit in the corner petting them the entire time, and follow them around the house like you're lost.

Sometimes you just randomly Google pictures of puppies and almost die from the cuteness that pours onto the screen. Of course "golden retriever puppies" or "labrador retriever puppies" are your main searches. 

You beg your parents for a puppy. Every birthday, every holiday, and minute in between you nag, and nag, and nag, hoping that you're getting closer to their breaking point.

You get tempted to buy dog treats and toys when you see them in a store. Maybe for a friends dog, or maybe to save for when you have your own.

The Puppy Bowl is the most important sporting event you watch all year.

You hate cats, because they're not dogs.

When you pass someone walking their dog you smile at them. But if they weren't holding a leash you could care less.

You text your friends, just to play with their dog. You talk to it like it's a baby. You bark at it like you're a dog too and it understands you.

Even though you use your friends for their dog, you envy them just based on the fact that they have one. And if they say anything negative about it you snap with the response "at least you have a dog".

You have a list of your favorite breeds.

You also have a list of potential names for your future pup.

You instantly remember all of the words to this commercial:

You get angry and upset when any dog in your presence walks away from you.

You don't care when they slobber all over you even if it's disgusting…because you're flattered that they love you and want to kiss you. Or maybe you just ate something and they can taste it on your hands. Either way it makes you happy.

You let humungous pooches sit on you, even if they're not a lap dog…just so you can have one sitting on you.

When you pick one up you cling onto it like you're Rose keeping Jack above the water. 

You take spontaneous trips to the pet store just so you can look at the widdle babies in their crates. And then you become sad because you feel sorry that they're all cooped up.

Speaking of being sad, movies like Marley & Me, Air Bud, and Homeward Bound will always bring tears to your eyes. Or cause severe hyperventilation. 

Pet sitting is like a vacation at Disney Land.

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If you have a hole in your heart that is shaped like a dog, it is your destiny. Maybe the time isn't right now, but it will come. Stay positive and who knows! In ten years you could be a crazy dog person with 28 pups running around (at least for me that's ideal). 

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Typical Behavior Of Dog Lovers Who Don't Have A Dog


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