Saturday, March 8, 2014

15 Small Victories That Aren't So Small

1. Stopping the microwave one-second before it goes off.

2. Carrying all of the grocery bags in one trip.

3. A perfect parallel park on the first try.

4. Gaining a new Twitter follower.

5. Finding money in your pocket.

6. Getting clothes on sale when you think you're paying full price.

7. Catching something before it hits the ground

8. Winning a goldfish at a carnival...

Even though it's dead within 24 hours.

9. Proving someone wrong, who thinks they're right.

10. Having a coupon.

11. Sleeping in an extra hour on daylight-saving.

12. Getting a package of mostly blue Scooby Doo gummies.

13. Fitting into a pair of pants that used to be too small.

14. When the waiter forgets to charge you for something on the bill.

15. Winning on a scratch off lottery ticket.

Posted By: Julie Goetz

15 Small Victories That Aren't So Small


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