Friday, January 17, 2014

"Devils Due" Prank for the Win!

If you don't do well with scary things, I'm going to tell you to stop reading here. The video I'm about to talk about is hilarious, but equally terrifying. I don't know how people are still coming up with pranks as original as this one. The creativity here is commendable and fabulous.

There is always one thing that I wonder about horror movies. For those of you that have seen any of the Saws, I would hope you that you think they are wretchedly twisted. The scenes where people are tortured in ways that I would think only a schizophrenic could conjure intrigue me. What type of person actually has the mind to visualize an act like that? Of course, the team behind scary movies aren't mentally unstable, but I do think that they need to be in touch with a darker side of their imagination.

A new film came out today called "Devil's Due". Apparently it's about a newlywed couple who gets almost immediately pregnant. The husband records the stages of his wife's pregnancy, but notices along the way that the changes she's having are not because of hormones. They're originating from something much more complex and malevolent.

Movies are generally advertised through the same methods. Trailers, previews, billboards, posters, etc. So whatever company is behind "Devil's Due" decided to set themselves apart. They made a robotic demon baby and set it loose on the streets of New York City, then posted a video of it on YouTube.

If I saw this thing in real life I would have an instant brown stain showing through the fabric of my pants. The reactions on this video don't surprise me one bit, and I'm actually in shock that no one punched it to the ground when it popped up. The face on this thing is like some kind of rabid squirrel, with foam coming out of its mouth, and profiled veins bulging out of its little bald head. It's like Tommy Pickles took anabolic steroids and is having roid rage with snot all over his face. I got the heeby geebies just writing that!

I respect this prank. Well done "Devil's Due", 10 out of 10 for originality and execution. Just don't bring that thing to Buffalo.

Posted By: Julie Goetz

"Devils Due" Prank for the Win!


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